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6" BOOB CACTUS (Myrtillocactus Geometrizans Fukurokuryuzinboku)

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The Booby Cactus (Myrtillocactus Geometrizans Fukurokuryuxinboku) is a Japanese cultivar that has easy care requirements:

Sun Exposure: Bright, indirect sunlight (avoid direct sun exposure for more than 5 hours). A south facing window would be ideal.

Soil Type: Well-draining, light, acidic soil. It is important to water sparingly so the soil can dry completely between watering.

Non-toxic to pets and people. Full Size ranges from 20 to 24". Fertilize the cactus once a year with a cactus-specific fertilizer.

Cactus comes with pink pot cover as shown. Decorative potting assortment not included.

In store pick up or local delivery only.